Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fab Fruit Salad

This is my new go to "bring" for the season.

I was inspired by this diced fruit salad from Mizz Martha - in fact, I have the original print out from MANY years ago - it survived several moves. And I never bothered to do anything with it.  So here's my interpretation:

Seriously, it's not even a recipe, but I love the idea of a "deconstructed" fruit salad.  I had a small platter, and I ran out of room for the mint, so I just sprinkled a little on top, and left some "plain" fruit for the kiddos who would be partaking.  I like the Martha way of tossing it all together with some lime juice, too - I just sprinkled a little on top, again, because of the kids.

You can customize it to whatever is in season (or on sale), or whatever makes you happy as you're strolling down the produce aisle.  Anyway, just wanted to share - this is a SUPER easy, but pretty! dish to bring when you're headed to someone's house or a potluck.  Speaking of which, it's time to go...

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  1. P.S. Here's a video on how to prep a mango: