Thursday, March 29, 2012

Epic Fail

I'm just a regular person who loves to cook, not a fancy schmanzy chef, so I think it's only fair to tell you that I mess up a lot in the kitchen.  Like last night, for example....

I was whipping up the Parmesan Chive Cream Sauce for the chicken on the grill, and all was coming together beautifully, when just as I poured the last of the half & half into my pan, a chunk plopped in.  AAAAHHHHHH!!!!  I had even checked the expiration date and done the sniff check....

It was painful to throw out the sauce, and of course, I had nothing else to make it with, so we had some naked chicken (though it was Smart Chicken, and it was VERY tasty, even plain!).  I admit, I did sulk a little bit during dinner, though.  Just thought I'd share - what's one of your most recent kitchen disasters?

P.S.  The lesson to learn from this is to measure your liquids and eggs and things into a measuring cup or bowl first, so that if an egg turns out to be icky, or your cream is chunky, you can still salvage the rest of the ingredients. 


  1. Egg noodles disaster. I was making three bags worth and I was tired of waiting for the water to boil. I threw them all in and they all mushed together. I learned it was worth waiting for water to boil instead of packing the kids in the car, heading to the grocery store and chucking out more money. Jaime

  2. Oh Jaime, I feel your pain... It's always the worst to have to pack everyone up and head to the store right when you're trying to make dinner. Thanks for sharing!