Monday, January 2, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Here's what we've got on the menu for this week:

Every Monday I'll try to share my planned dinners for the week - it may or may not pan out that way, but it's good to have a plan, and remain flexible. 

Monday - snacks & aps for the Rose Bowl! (check out the aps + desserts page for some ideas - I added some of our favorites)

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday (using the chicken from Southwestern Chicken Salads - I made a double batch and froze some)

Wednesday - Loaded Baked Potato Soup (I'll post the recipe tomorrow)

Thursday - Stuffed Peppers (remember, I made and froze some filled with the Spanish Rice Bake mixture?)

Friday - Ravioli (I've got some frozen, not makin' my own)

For sides, we're planning on lots of salad, raw veggies and fruit, since we had a crazy weekend of overeating.  I've got a big container of carrots and peppers sliced and ready to rock in the fridge, and we found a yogurt-based ranch dressing the kids like for dipping that has very few calories, but skips all the weird ingredients that come in lots of low-fat or fat-free dressings.  It's nice to have bread on the side with a soup or pasta sometimes - when we do go for the bread, we like to get a nice chewy baguette, and do some olive oil & balsamic vinegar to dip in. 

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