Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Every Monday I'll try to share my planned dinners for the week - it may or may not pan out, but but it's a good idea to have a plan, and remain flexible. This past week, we had all sorts of craziness, so we're bring a few things from last week back that we didn't get to. I've added a few alternative ideas below in case you happened to knock them all off your list!

Here's the plan for this week:

Monday: Turkey Divan with a side salad and some bread we had leftover from the weekend. Using the recipe from a previous post for Chicken Divan Revisited. We just didn't get to it last week...

Tuesday: Manicotti with salad.  Sorry - it's a repeat!  This is a meatless meal, which we're trying to add more of.

Wednesday:  Chili & Baked Potatoes.  I've got some chili frozen from my massive batch a few weeks ago, and we like to serve it over a baked potato sometimes for a different take. 

Thursday: Chicken Stir-Fry with brown rice

Friday: We've got an away game, so we might end up eating on the road, but I PLAN to have dinner ready to rock so we can eat early and run. I'm thinking we might have some leftovers, or I could whip up Easy Cheese Steaks.

Saturday/Sunday: We've got weekend plans that involve eating out, so check out the additional meal ideas and plug something in, or hit up a restaurant, too!

Additional Meal Ideas:
  • I actually ended up using some cooked ground beef and throwing together some sloppy joes for one meal, since it was faster - so here's a recipe for Eating Well's version of Sloppy Joes, in case you want to substitute that in for one of our do-overs (it's toward the end of the beef recipes).   Serve with some oven baked fries and some raw veggies.
  • Leftover night - we do this for a weekend lunch sometimes, or dinner - depends on what's leftover from the week.  Then we supplement with fruit and veggies, and of course always have the makings of a sandwich on hand.
  • Breakfast for dinner - countless options - pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, a baked egg dish, etc.
  • Grilled cheese & soup - we have some chicken noodle in the freezer, or you can always fire up some of the famous Mrs. Grass with the mysterious flavor nugget!
  • Grill out!  Sure it's snowy, but throw on your boots, brush off the grill, and grill some burgers or brats.  Make some baked beans, or some potato wedges, or potato salad, etc. for a side.

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