Thursday, December 27, 2012

Steak, Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion Flatbreads

These. were. so. good.

For Christmas Day this year, we were HOME.  TOGETHER.  WITH NO PLANS.  It was great!  We had spent time with one side of the family at Thanksgiving, a few days before Christmas we had 2 days of fun with the other side, and on Christmas Day, it was just us.  We slept in, stayed in our jammies for too long, went sledding, watched Christmas movies (and NBA basketball, of course), and enjoyed a couple of apps.  We did meatball sliders, pizza dip, and these amazing flatbreads.  

We grabbed some Cybros sprouted pizza dough (check out their awesome products - we're huge fans!), and I stretched it out into some "rustic" shapes, and baked them for a few minutes - maybe 5 or so -  at 425 degrees.  Before they were totally done, I pulled them out, rubbed a little garlic on the tops of each flatbread, spread on some caramelized onions, some thinly sliced NY strip steak and of course a liberal sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles.  Then I put them back in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese was melted.  We sliced them up, put them on a platter, and within minutes, they were history.  

It's easy to caramelize onions - just put a little EVOO into a pan, and add in about 2 whole sliced onions - I had one yellow onion and one sweet onion, so I used a combination.  I sprinkled a little salt and pepper on, and then you need to stir them frequently, so they brown, but do not burn.  Burned onions are bad.  I'm guessing it took about 15-20 minutes, but it was worth it!

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