Monday, April 30, 2012

Meal Plan...Monday!

Yesterday we watched baseball in the rain, and the temp was in the 40's.   It took too long to thaw out, so I didn't get a meal plan done last night.  We've got a crazy week as a family, so here are some of the things I'm planning on - I have almost all of the ingredients on hand so we can be flexible, but avoid random trips to the store. 

Feel free to share your go-to meal(s) when your family is on the go in the comments!

  • Burgers & Brats with veggies and chips or fries
  • Chicken kebabs with bell peppers, red onions, and zucchini with salads
  • Breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and fresh fruit
  • Penne with veggies, with side salads
  • Ricotta, herb & tomato flatbreads with salads
  • Leftover pepper steak from the freezer over some rice or noodles

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