Monday, September 16, 2013

Quick Tip: Canning Jars

Canning jars are my new favorite kitchen item. 

They're not just for canning!  You can find various sizes of canning jars and lids on sale this time of year - buy them in a variety of sizes, and use them for everything! They're a reasonably inexpensive storage solution, especially when you're trying to avoid plastic storage containers.  Even better, the lids are interchangeable, so there's minimal digging for the right lid.  Food lasts a little longer when sealed tightly in a jar, too.

I keep dry items like chia seeds, almond meal, and quinoa in larger jars.  The other day, I roasted some tomatoes and veggies and made sauce for pasta, and froze it in a few jars.  Pint-sized jars work great for smaller portions of marinara to serve with calzones or stromboli, or for pizza sauce.  I froze some fresh corn in a jar last week.  I have a larger jar filled with fruit salad I made for the week in the fridge.  We even use pint-sized jars as drinking glasses.  Lots of possibilities!

  I've starting mixing up my marinades, vinaigrettes and sauces in jars - just add all of the ingredients, seal tightly, and shake!  This morning, I marinated some beef for beef & pea pods, and then made the sauce up in a jar, gave it a shake, and stuck it in the fridge for tonight.

Be sure to label the jars, and date them, or you'll end up with a couple mysteries down the line.  You can write with a dry-erase marker on the lid, or a Sharpie marker. 

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