Saturday, October 6, 2012

Take Back Your Fridge Day (Tomorrow)


We needed to go to a lighting store downtown for a part, and there happened to be a great burger place right across the street, so we decided to go there for lunch.  Totally worth it.  AND, when we got home, it appears our crock pot shut off early (?!) while we were gone, so it's not likely going  to work for dinner :(.  I think TOMORROW will be "Take Back the Fridge Day".....


Our fridge is a wreck right now.  I'd take a picture, but I'm too embarrassed.

I've actually just shoved something into the fridge to fit, and slammed the door shut. A few times this week, in fact.  Our life is crazy lately, so we end up having lots of leftovers that don't get taken for work lunches, stuff that's thawing for meals that don't end up getting made when planned, handfuls of fruits and veggies and things left from meals... There are just lots of random things in the fridge right now (and all over the outside to - school newsletters, tickets to various events, artwork, etc.  Yikes).  I have declared today "take back the fridge day." All of our meals and snacks have to use something from the fridge, and I am intent on freeing up some major shelf space so there will be no more shoving and slamming.  Here's the plan - I'd love for you to share some of your "usin' stuff up" ideas, too!!

I happen to have a partial container of chicken stock and a lonely bunch of cilantro in the veggie drawer, so I'm throwing some barbacoa beef with a roast I was thawing into the sow cooker. We can do that for dinner or lunch tomorrow.  We have about 1/2 cup of taco meat left, and a small chunk of cheddar cheese, so someone can have a taco snack, or we can make some nachos.  There's a small amount of fresh guac left, so that's going on the taco or nachos, too.  There's 3/4 of a green pepper and about 1/4 c. of diced red onion in there - I'll dice the pepper and throw it in the freezer into the container of random diced veggies I have (great for chili, soup, pasta, etc.), or top some pita with some pizza sauce, mozzarella and make a little personal pizza. 

There is about 1/4 loaf of 2 different breads, so that could be grilled cheese (there are never fewer than 4 kinds of cheese in our fridge, and that's probably on the low end), or a someone can have a deli meat sandwich with the 2-3 slices left from school lunches.  There's 1/2 of a heart of romaine, so that can be a side salad or a small lunch salad.  Or a taco salad with the taco fixings... or top some monster nachos.... or get used up on some sandwiches... There's 1/2 a giant red onion - that will get sliced and used on the sandwiches, and then the rest will go into the fajita/stir fry veggie bag in the freezer (I just used a few handfuls of those the other night when we made burrito "bols.")

Well, that's the plan so far - I'll report back with the results, or any other creations we concoct throughout the day!

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