Friday, June 1, 2012

Stopping By....

I miss sharing new recipes, but life has been nuts!  I promise this summer, I will be trying out a few new ones every month, and try to post things.  In the meantime, I have been coming back to the archives here for the tried and true recipes, especially things that we can throw in the slow cooker on baseball nights! 

Our family's eating habits have evolved, and I realized it when I was looking in the cupboards for some nonperishable foods for a food drive.  And we really didn't have much to give.  The fridge and the freezer on the other hand, have been well-stocked (not so good when the fridge decides to go on the fritz, but that's not a story worth reliving). 

So I definitely need to come up with some new freezer meals and good family-friendly dinners that utilize fresh ingredients, and organic or almost organic meats without breaking the bank.  It's been a good thing to reduce the amount of meat in our meals, regardless.  I haven't been doing freezer meal swaps as much, either, since it's so much more expensive to do them when you don't use the ginormous chicken breasts that can feed a family of four with a single breast, etc. and people seem to balk at a higher cost exchange, even if it's healthier.  We'll see what happens!

Please feel free to share your recipes and ideas for eating better on a budget (and when life is busy) in the meantime, and you can most likely find something you haven't tried in the archives... I'll be back!

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  1. Always come searching for recipes on your blog! Hope the craziness of the season is going well for you ... can't believe that Summer is here! One more day for us - we're ready!

    I'm always game for the meal swaps!! :)