Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meal Plan Sunday

Meal Plan Sunday
We're back with a plan - for Spring Break we just winged it, meal-wise...   Rather than assign days to my meal plan this week, I'm just trying to come up with the 5-7 meals we'll be making, and then remain flexible as far as the day we make each meal.  We'll see if that helps or hinders...

We need to eat down the fridge and freezer, so this is a "use whatcha got" kind of a plan.  You can substitute things you have, or leave a comment asking for suggestions if you need to find a  use for something wasting away in your freezer!

  • Sunday: Knock-Off Noodles Penne Skillet - I love Penne Rosa from Noodles, and this is pretty close!  Everyone loved it, and it was just as good as leftovers for lunch the next day.
  •  Monday: Brats on the grill served as "sliders" (half a brat), with some veggies/fruit on the side - we added some tasting portion-sized Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches with Cambozola cheese and carmelized onions, and sampled a spicy bean burger - an epic fail with the kids. 
  • Tuesday: Manicotti - meatless meal, had a pan in the freezer, with side salads and some leftover baguette slices with EVOO & balsamic for dipping
  • Wednesday: Naked Chicken Fajitas - grilling chicken, peppers and onions, and serving with lettuce or rice
  • Thursday: Flank Steak on the grill - with roasted potatoes and asparagus 

  • Friday: Asian-Inspired Marinated Chicken Kebabs - with snap peas and carrots
  • Back-up meal: breakfast - we have lots of eggs, so we could do a scramble or frittata...

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