Monday, January 30, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - ACK!

So... we had the ULTIMATE "best laid plans..." week - and we managed to consume a record TWO of SEVEN planned meals.  Here's what happened:  we went to Elkhart Lake for a few days, since the kids had a day off and life was brutalizing our family, and planned to buy food, but the local market is closing (sad), and we were lazy (sad in a different way), so we ate out for most meals or skipped and used leftovers for others.

THEN, we have a freezer meal swap coming up Monday, so we had to make room for a ton of frozen goodness, which required lots of reorganizing and thawing of those freaky, frosty, unlabeled lumps.  We found edible Glazed Pork Tenderloin (Pork Page), BBQ Chicken, and an UBER old carnitas we voted off the island.  OOPS.

So..... for this week, I won't repeat, though that was a darn good menu.  If you didn't use it, do ahead and do so - it rules!  But if not, here's what I'm trying this week, also being a ridiculous week, schedule-wise.  Based on our meal swap, since we already spent the cash, and having a nutty schedule, here's our plan (most of the recipes can be found on the main recipes pages - i.e. beef, pork, etc.) I promise to add links in the AM and finish it all off, but it's late, I was gone all night, and I got sucked into a cable movie, so I'm just trying to do the best I can tonight!).... BTW, Elkhart Lake is awesome and close, so ask me about it if you need a quick, affordable getaway.

Monday: Meal Swap Night, so we're eating one of the meals I did, which was Mini Turkey Meatloaves, and I made a load of mashed taters this weekend, and we have some snap peas from Costco we need to use up (previous impulse buy!).

Tuesday: Baked Ziti - freezer meal swap.  Salad for a side, maybe some bread.

Wednesday: Italian Beef Sandwiches with some veggies, maybe oven fries.

Thursday: Chicken Chili with a side salad.

Friday: possibly eating out with sports, if not, carnitas with chips & salsa

Saturday: guests in town, possibly eating out, if not, grill some honey garlic pork chops, broccoli, red potatoes

Sunday: Super Bowl snacks!  some leftover Italian Beef on small buns, some baked chicken wings, some delish dips, etc.

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