Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Road Testing: Beef Barbacoa

Well, you've all probably given up on me, but I'm back again! 

I got rocked by the flu, and then hit with bronchitis, and I am still recovering.  Not a lot of cooking going on over the past 2 weeks.  I had a wonderful friend bring us dinner and snacks one night - delish Minestrone soup.  It really hit the spot and felt great on the sore throats in the house!

My mom, who am super grateful for, brought over a care package of enough prepped food for breakfast, lunch and dinner one day, and a hot dinner another night.  It was amazing.  And one of the items was some PHENOMENAL beef barbacoa from a little place called Cocina DeLeon.  We couldn't get enough!  

I will be going there to get some, but I was also inspired to try my own, and see if we couldn't add a new recipe to the freezer meal swap repertoire!  I looked at about 5 similar recipes, and since I'm a total dork, compared the lists of ingredients in an Excel spreadsheet to try to find what were the common ingredients, and see how authentic we could get (and I'm just not making goat barbacoa, even though goat and lamb are more "authentic").  I think you could use pork, too, but we'll see. 

Here's the recipe I based my prep on: tacos de barbacoa.  I also thought he had the prettiest picture, something I can only dream of being able to do. 

Basically, I seared the meat, tossed it in my crockpot, and then added the spice "paste" - not quite a paste-ish consistency when I did it, more of a "sauce", but whatevs - bay leaves and broth.  Then I placed some foil over top of the crockpot, and put the lid on, and I'm planning to let it go for the 8-10 hours, and see what happens!  For a swap, I think you could either freeze the cooked meat, and include some tortillas, or sear the roast, and then add the meat, broth, and the "sauce" to a freezer bag and then thaw in the fridge, and direct the recipient to throw in the crockpot. 

We ate ours on tortillas as tacos and the leftovers as quesadillas.  I think it would be delish as a filling for empanadas, too.  I'll let ya know!  They were served very simply with diced white onions, cilantro, "enchilada cheese" - which was a white, mild cheese - and some fresh salsa. 

Well, once we taste them, I'll let ya know what the family thinks!  It smells good - but I can really smell the cloves, so who knows.......

So, we don't like the cloves - authentic or not, they're not goin' in my recipe.  I THINK, embarrassing as it is, that it needs to be more "taco-ey" - it's not BAD, but it's not like what we had this week.  More to come.... Let me know if you  uncover the ultimate barbacoa recipe in the meantime!

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  1. The secret ingredient, I believe, is DRIED AVOCADO LEAVES. Seriously. So when go out and I find them, I will try it again, and let you know.....