Friday, August 19, 2011

STROMBOLI! (say it with feeling!)

Stromboli isn't just a fun word to say -
it's a tasty meal, too!

I have some uneaten deli lunch meat, cheese, and a random assortment of veggies in the fridge, and that can only mean one thing: we didn't eat as many sandwiches as I thought we would this week.  Ok, so it can mean a few things.  And one of those would be stromBOli time... I'll stop with the fun word thing, sorry.  Seriously, though, stromboli is a great catch-all kind of recipe, and you can make a few at once and freeze them, or make one for dinner and freeze another. 

There are a ton of different combinations, so use your imagination or whatever you've got on hand, and whip up a few different ones.  The recipe below is based on what I've got on hand, and a pizza dough recipe I found online (I'm always experimenting - I still haven't found "the one") for the bread machine since I only had bread machine yeast on hand.  It made 2 fairly small loaves, or 2 12" pizza crusts, so I think I'd double it to be safe (uh, and to be safe, make sure your machine can handle it, or do it in 2 cycles).  You can always make breadsticks with extras.  Enjoy!

Bread Machine Pizza Dough

2 teaspoons dried granulated yeast
3 cups bread flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup water, plus
2 tablespoons water

Place all the above ingredients in the order listed into the bread machine. Select the dough cycle and press start.  When the dough cycle is complete, take the dough out of the machine and place in bowl misted with evoo.  Roll the dough around (in the bowl) to coat.  Cover and leave to rise in a warm place for about 1/2 an hour (someone suggested the top of your refrigerator to me once).  Knead the risen dough lightly, then shape on a greased or parchment-covered pan.  Note: if your dough is snapping back and not staying in the shape you're attempting, knead it more, then try again.

Makes 2 small "loaves" or one "family size"

3 oz. deli turkey (about 4 slices)
3 oz. deli ham (about 4 slices)
6-8 slices of deli salami
6-8 slices of deli pepperoni
6-8 slices Swiss cheese
1 c. shredded mozzarella
veggies of your choice (I have spinach leaves, a green bell pepper, and some onion)
your favorite pizza dough recipe

Optional: If you're a sauce dipper, include a side of marinara or pizza sauce with each loaf, and heat before serving.

Prepare your pizza dough, and split it into two balls.  Shape it into 2 rectangular shapes (mine ended up about 10" x 12").  Layer your meats, cheeses, veggies and whatnot down the center of your dough, and then carefully fold over the sides.  Pinch the ends of the dough together and fold over, and then flip your loaf over, seam side down) onto a sheet of foil sprayed with non-stick spray.  Wrap, and freeze. 

To prepare a frozen loaf, thaw completely in the fridge, unwrap, and place on a parchment-lined or greased baking sheet.  Let sit about 15 minutes, and then bake at 400 until the crust is golden and the contents are heated through, about 20-25 minutes.  Let it cool slightly before slicing so your cheese and goodies don't ooze out, and then serve.

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