Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garden Inspiration

I love fresh veggies from the garden!

I was just outside, trying to catch up in the garden, and look what I found!  Tonight's dinner is inspired by all of these delish veggies. 

I saw this in the paper (and ripped it out, because I do that, and now I have a giant box of recipes I have been meaning to try), and knew we had to try it this summer: Linguine with Chicken, Corn and Summer Tomatoes.  YUM!  Since I have all of those great little orange cherry tomatoes, I'm using those, just sliced in half.  I think we'll add a side salad so we can enjoy some fresh cucumber, too.  Super easy, and super quick!

If you don't garden, hit up a farmer's market soon, and see what inspires you.  And try to grow something next summer!  I had never grown anything other than a little pot of tomatoes on the patio, and then we bought a house with a huge garden already established, so I had to get my hands dirty (literally) to keep it going.   The following year, we scaled it back - it was giant, and we just don't like weeding that much.  Now we have three raised beds, and we've gone through two growing seasons.  I've learned a ton (like, don't plant more than 1-2 cucumber plants, unless you want to supply the entire county with cukes, and zucchini can grow larger than babies if you don't catch it in time), and we've really enjoyed tasting the results. 

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