Monday, August 8, 2011

Chicken Tetrazzini

Tonight I dug a new recipe out of the freezer - Chicken Tetrazzini, a la Martha.  I had made 2 pans of it when I made it for someone who had requested Tetrazzini.  I was a little skeptical, since you can do CT badly, and my kids were not likely to dig in without coaxing. 

Surprisingly, one of them said, "Well, I've never had it, but I'll give it a try!"  The other, not surprisingly, said, "I hate Chicken Tetrazzini."  Me: "Have you ever had it?" Kid: "No, but I know I hate it." (Both ate everything on their plate, by the way.)

I don't know if it will go into a frequent rotation, but I'm not opposed to breaking it out every once in awhile.  It's not too hard to make for a meal swap, as long as you understand you're making the sauce from scratch, and not using something from a can.  Canned whatever is easier, yes, but the homemade sauce has a ton of flavor, and you know what actually went into it. 

How about your house?  Do you have a Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini in the rotation?

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